What I’m Thankful For

Story appeared in The Daily Union, Thanksgiving week, in November 2003:

Linda Gilmore
The Daily Union

I remember a hymn we used to sing in church, “Count Your Blessings.” It’s a good hymn and when I start feeling down I often think of that song and am reminded that I do have a lot to be thankful for.

So I’m going to count my blessings.

I’m thankful for my telephone. Maybe that seems odd. After all, it is often an instrument of annoyance, ringing at inconvenient times and for generally commercial reasons. But unless you’ve lived for long periods of time without a phone, you don’t realize how complicated life becomes without one. I have, so I know. Calling the school because you have a sick child, calling the doctor, calling your family, even job hunting becomes much harder without a phone. So I’m thankful that we have a phone.

I’m thankful for my family. I know, that’s such a cliche, but it’s true. We’re not perfect, but we generally like each other and family get-togethers are filled with laughter and love. My parents gave me a strong foundation to build upon and I’ve learned from their example. My brothers still know how to make me laugh with my mouth full.

My kids are fun and intelligent and I’m proud of them. They’ve introduced me to all kinds of music, from Dave Matthews to Linkin Park. They keep me on my toes and I’ve learned a lot from being their mother.

I’m thankful for my husband. Yes, he’s part of my family, but I want to mention him specifically because I realized a long time ago that he’s a pretty amazing husband. Bob has kept me laughing when I was down, been patient with my many shortcomings and been a steady source of encouragement for the last 26 years. My life has been enriched because he’s in it.

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday that tends to be overlooked, at least by the retail world. It has not become terribly commercial, yet. It doesn’t lend itself to gift-giving, though it does mark the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season. The idea of giving thanks instead of getting gifts is foreign to basic human nature. So it’s a good idea to be reminded at least once a year to be thankful.

This year, when you gather with family and friends for your Thanksgiving meal, think about how blessed you are and make a vow to keep that in mind throughout the year. And if you find ways to share your blessings with others, you will realize the truth of the Christmas season that is about to come — it really is more blessed to give than to receive.


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