New Year’s Thoughts

Well hello, 2010. Nice to see you. I’m really not sure where 2009 went, but it’s still nice to greet a new year.

Actually, 2009 was fairly eventful and 2010 promises more of the same. We’ll be getting ready for two weddings: Tim is getting married in August and John is getting married early next January. And then there will be other, unexpected, things I’m sure. Some will be good and some will not be so good, but I know that God will be with us through all of it.

Once again I’m starting the new year with a resolution to be more faithful about Bible study or at least some kind of quiet time. I’ve started using the Daily Texts from the Moravian Church (frequently recommended by Brad Boydston). They’re short, but they also allow you to go deeper if you want.

I may or may not blog more regularly. I do have several months of newsletter columns to post, so maybe I’ll at least get caught up on that. I’m sure I’ll find some books and music worth writing about, too.

I think as I get older I realize how hard it is to really plan for the year to come. Things can change so quickly and yet God is at work through all of it. I think it’s better to have a general idea of what you hope to accomplish and be flexible about the details.

So welcome, 2010.


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