Why are some albums so hard to find?

Michael Omartian was (and still is, I think) a prodigiously talented musician and producer. He’s performed on and produced albums of all kinds, from Christopher Cross to 2nd Chapter of Acts, from jazz to rock. And one of his solo albums is considered one of the greatest albums to come out of the early days of contemporary Christian music. I’m talking about White Horse, one of my favorite albums of all time. And it’s not available. Well, not unless you count the guy selling a double CD of White Horse & Adam Again for $75 on eBay. That’s just out of my music budget. It’s not on iTunes or emusic.com, either.

Why — when you can find every kind of one-hit wonder from the 70s on iTunes, and every obscure indie musician on emusic — why can’t you find this truly phenomenal, ground-breaking recording on these or any other digital music stores? For that matter, the CD seems to be out of print, too.

The album was originally released by ABC/Decca 1974 and reissued by Myrhh. I’m not sure either one of those labels is actually in business anymore. It’s one of those albums that got a lot of critical praise but was a bit ahead of its time. But it truly was amazing — musically complex, lyrically strong, wonderful musicianship. I think one of my favorite tracks on the album was called “Take Me Down,” about baptism, but it was all good.

I just think that even with all the dreck out there, surely it would be worthwhile to reissue a classic Christian rock album.


One thought on “Why are some albums so hard to find?

  1. Search ebay. A new Japanese pressing of White Horse was released around the time you wrote this. I have it and I spent a bit more than the $30 it will cost you now, but it’s worth every penny. Now if only they’d do the same for Adam Again.

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