I’ll update this from time to time. I migrated this blog from here and updating and organizing the material is a work in progress. My main blog has also moved here. Follow the links to read the posts.


Infuze Magazine went away early in 2008, so the stories that were published there aren’t available. I may post them here some time.

Long Way Home, Aug. 4, 2005, at Infuze Magazine. The homeless man may be a musician, an artist … or a son.

In Transit, Dec. 23, 2005, at Infuze Magazine. Adam Caldwell is a down-on-his-luck reporter investigating an immigrant smuggling ring. He gets a little help from his friends.

Thy Brother’s Life, April 15, 2006, at Flashing in the Gutters (a flash fiction blog). (Flashing the Gutters has closed up shop, so I took out the link.) Eddie was fed up with his famous twin and decided to do something about it. But be careful what you wish for …

Confessions of a Christian Mom, June 20, 2006, at Infuze Magazine. Do you feel like you’re pressured to do too much? Do you wish you could just skip Sunday School once in a while? Well have we got the group for you.

The Man Who Kept a Dragon in the Basement, at Dragons, Knights and Angels. There are advantages — and disadvantages — to having a dragon in your basement, as Troy discovers.

Making Up for Lost Time, October 31, 2006. How did Adam Caldwell get on the wrong side of a crooked cop? And what does that have to do with the 4 hours Adam’s missing from Saturday night? Only small-time crook Ferris Timms knows, and he’s nowhere to be found.

Preacher’s Kids Anonymous, The Wittenburg Door, May/June 2007. You and your siblings were the youth group.

Sanctuary, Coach’s Midnight Diner, Fall 2007. Somewhere there’s a diner that is much more than it seems.

My entry in the Faith in Fiction conversion story contest (not published): Lost and Found.

Here is an excerpt from my work in progress: Secrets in Connors Grove (Prologue and chapters 1, 2 and 3). Updated 9/8/06

Notes from the Windowsill

(This is a column I write for my church’s monthly newsletter. It’s supposed to be anonymous so I sign it Eutychus.)

Falling for Jesus, October 2005

Perfect Weakness, November 2005

Expectation and Fulfillment, December 2005

Resolve, January 2006

True Friendship, February 2006

Spirit and Truth, March 2006

Mapping God’s Faithfulness, May 2006

Serving With Humility, June 2006

Badge of Distinction, July 2006

Single-minded Pursuit, August 2006

A Garden of Righteousness, September 2006

Seek His Presence, October 2006

We Are Not Alone, November 2006

Gifts, December 2006

Lessons from the Prairie, January 2007

A Larger Reality, February 2007

Cleansing Fire, March 2007

Easter People, April 2007

Are You a Philippian?, May 2007

What I Learned from Summer Vacations, June 2007

More, July, 2007

Recharged, August, 2007

More Lessons from Summer Vacation …, September 2007

Sacrificial Love, October 2007

Authentic Fellowship, November 2007

Immanuel — God With Us, December 2007

A Heart More Completely God’s, January 2008

Learning to Living in Your Circumstances, February 2008

Longing for Spring, March 2008

One Worship, May 2008

Who Do You Follow?, July 2008

God is Bigger, August 2008

Uncomfortable, September 2008

True Purpose, October 2008

In Training, November 2008

The Messiah We Need, December 2o08

Receive Him, January 2009

Shaped by God’s Word, February 2009

Putting off the Old Self, March 2009

True Riches, April 2009

Remembering God’s Faithfulness, May 2009

These are some articles that appeared in The Daily Union, Junction City, Kansas:

Football observations from a new fan, Jan. 26, 2003

Why the Lord of the Rings Matters, Dec. 12, 2003

What I’m Thankful For, Thanksgiving week, 2003

Ode to Red Velvet Cake, Feb. 15, 2004

Before the invasion of Iraq, in March 2003, I wrote a number of stories in The Daily Union about preparations for war at Fort Riley. Here are some of them:

Soldiers describe experience in first Gulf War, Jan. 5, 2003

Living in hangars, March 19, 2003

Stories from The Review, the newsletter of The Huck Boyd National Center for Community Media:

Community Journalism Defined, January 1999; also reprinted in Community Journalism: A Personal Approach, 2nd ed., by Jock Lauterer, University of Iowa Press, 2000. Now it appears in the 3rd edition (retitled) — Community Journalism: Relentlessly Local, University of North Carolina Press, 2006.

The Different Faces of Community Journalism, January 2001

Unpublished essays:

Between Woodstock and Saturday Night Fever. This is an essay I wrote about 15 years ago.

The Day JFK Was Shot. I wrote this essay before the 40th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination.


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